Unrabble – Hiring Software That Saves You Time & Money

Unrabble is the only hiring software solution that completely eliminates the resume from the hiring process.

Instead of candidates uploading a traditional resume, job seekers create an interactive profile that allows them to do things they normally can’t do, such as linking to their social media profiles, ranking job skills, integrating video, and creating a visual timeline that shows their career history.

While Unrabble helps job seekers stand out from the crowd, the cloud-computing software also benefits hiring managers. Instead of spending hours or days reviewing bad resumes, hiring managers can use Unrabble to automatically identify their best candidates within seconds with the ‘Compare Candidates’ feature.

Plus, Unrabble streamlines the rest of the hiring process, helping businesses save time and money when making their next great hire.

  • Contact: mark@unrabble.com
  • Founded in 2009
  • Employees:  5-25
  • Funding:  Yes (undisclosed)
  • Location:  757 Middle River Drive, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301, US